Digitization of historical newspapers

Current status By the end of 2015, all results and experiences of the libraries participating in the pilot project will be summarised and evaluated in a master plan. The master plan is scheduled to be published in December 2015.

Description As part of the joint application of the state, regional and university libraries of Berlin, Bremen, Dresden, Halle, Munich and the German National Library Frankfurt am Main, the SLUB is testing the mass digitisation of around 450,000 filmed newspaper pages. The focus here is on the further development of freely reusable media-specific, newspaper-oriented technical modules for the DFG Viewer, for the production and presentation software Goobi and for an automated integration of full text recognition into this digitisation workflow. As a result of the Dresden pilot project, seven newspapers will be digitised according to films and another according to originals and presented with different levels of indexing based on agreed minimum standards.

Duration 2012-2015