Terms of Use for SLUB Carrels

  1. Carrels must be cleared out completely by the last day of the rental agreement and left in a proper condition. If the carrel has not been cleared out by this date and/or the key card and key are not returned on time, a fee will be charged. Fees will be charged for lost keys or key cards as well. Please see the complete schedule of Library Fees and Charges.
  2. Carrel users may keep private items and borrowed media in the carrel, but the loan receipt must accompany the media, and it must be visible. All SLUB property which has not been checked out (i.e. reference materials, course reading, audiovisual materials, journals) must be returned to the SLUB shelves on the same day, and may not be kept in the carrel.
  3. The SLUB Dresden is authorized to perform security checks, as well as to revoke carrel user privileges, if the carrel remains unused for three consecutive days (without prior notice), if uncharged materials remain in the carrel overnight, if food and/or drinks are found in the carrel, or if the user has fastened drawings, images or other items to the walls.
  4. Every carrel user automatically gives his/her consent to the conditions listed above (03) when he/she begins to use the SLUB carrel. The carrel user also understands that the SLUB Dresden is authorized to clear out all carrels that have not been vacated by the end of the rental agreement. The SLUB Dresden is not obligated to remind the carrel user to clear the carrel, nor to give a warning or prior notice in such cases. If the SLUB Dresden is forced to open a carrel, all media found in that carrel will be removed.
  5. If the SLUB Dresden has been forced to open a carrel due to the carrel user’s negligence, all personal property found will be placed in the library lost-and-found collection. Food and drinks will be disposed of, and the carrel user may not request reimbursement. Items not retrieved from the library’s lost-and-found collection will be turned over to the city of Dresden’s lost-and-found office.
  6. The SLUB Dresden will not be held liable for money, valuable items, personal identification or other personal items, which are kept in the carrel.