SLUB Procedure for Allocating Carrels

  1. Library users can apply for a SLUB carrel using the online form (in German)

  2. The applicant must agree to allow the SLUB to temporarily store his/her personal data for the time period necessary for determining the allocation of carrels, whereupon the data will be deleted.

  3. Carrels are assigned for a period of 3 months, and they are assigned by lottery. Filling out an application does not guarantee the assignment of a carrel.

  4. Written proof (from the student’s university professor) regarding the student’s need for a carrel (i.e. working on final paper, thesis, dissertation) is to be presented before receiving a key card for the carrel.

  5. Carrel key cards and the key for the cabinet are to be picked up at and returned to the circulation desk in the SLUB Central Library.