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What does the slogan "Knowledge comes from ... making" mean?

The central tasks of a library, building, structuring and passing on knowledge, following the motto "Leading Knowledge" are lived at SLUB Makerspace, as well, and are extended further by making hands-on experience with machines and manufacturing processes and techniques possible. Because "Knowledge comes from...making!". The connection of the library and of novel technology offers interesting chances for new cooperations and activities. Knowledge transfer and exchange are at the centre of the creative work at SLUB Makerspace. Users learn from other users and share their know-how.

What is Makerspace M1?

Makerspace M1 is a creative space at SLUB. Here you can find machines such as laser cutters, 3D printers as well as smaller devices and tools such as a saw, a drill and many more. Makerspace M1 is situated at the Departmental Library DrePunct/ Makerspace.

What is the Makerspace M3?

The Makerspace M3  comprises two workstations for the independent digitisation of records and video cassettes. It is located in the central library on level -1. 

What should I observe when I am working in Makerspace?

Please note our Terms of Use. Safety at work is first when using machines and electronic devices. Please make sure you wear appropriate clothing, especially shoes, for working in a workshop. Prerequisites for working safely are intact tools as well as a tidy working environment. Please notify a Makerspace staff member directly should you notice any damaged device or tool. Moreover, we want to treat each other with respect and consideration.   

Can I purchase materials at SLUB Makerspace?

No. The consumables (filament, gypsum, binder) for the 3D printers are provided by SLUB Makerspace. You need to bring any other material you might need for your project (e.g. material for the thermoforming machine, for laser cutters, styrofoam, eletronical elements).

How do I know the status of my 3D print?

Your finished 3D print will be available at the pick-up-shelf at Makerspace. You will receive a notification that your print is ready to be collected. You can alternatively ask in person at any time during the opening hours of SLUB Makerspace, or send us en e-mail asking about the status of your 3D print.