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Am I allowed to view psychological tests?

Yes, you may, if you are working or studying at the faculty of psychology at the TU Dresden. If you are studying at another faculty and want to borrow a test, you will need a proof which demonstrates that viewing a specific test is relevant for your studies. This could be a letter from your advisor for your bachelor's or master's thesis. Non-members of the TU Dresden are not allowed to borrow tests.

Where can psychological tests be found?

Psychological tests are available at the so-called “Testothek”. You will find the Testothek at a special site at Falkenbrunnen, Chemnitzer Str. 46b, room 154, phone: (0351) 463-38668.

All tests can be found via the SLUB catalog. For information about testing procedures, please consult the database PSYNDEXPlus. Search the multidisciplinary databases Web of Science and Scopus for additional information concerning international publications on the topic of psychological diagnostics and psychological tests.