Film Promenade Tharandt 2022/2023

We recover treasures - and show them to the public! In cooperation with the SLUB branch in Tharandt, the Saxony Film Association and the Tharandt History Association, the Saxon State Library - Dresden State and University Library showed film clips from Saxon sources at ten locations in Tharandt in winter 2022/23.

As part of the state-funded SAVE programme ("Securing the Audiovisual Heritage in Saxony"), they have been restored in recent years, in some cases at great expense, digitised and are now publicly accessible via the media library of the SLUB Dresden.

In the bookshop, in the speciality factory, in the railway guards' cottage, the Tharanter Kuppelhalle or in the university refectory, there were screens showing old film treasures: from the pageant on the occasion of the 750th anniversary of the city, but also small films "from the attic". The films reflected the everyday life of different decades and are part of the cultural memory of the Free State of Saxony.

We would like to encourage you to donate your private film treasures to us! You can read more about the SAVE project here.

You can admire our film treasures at the following locations: Go to Google-Maps

Bistro BorgwardtRossmäßlerstr. 21
Speciality Manufactory TharandtRoßmäßlerstr. 21
HanseMerkur InsurancesRoßmäßlerstr. 24
Allianz InsuranceRoßmäßlerstr. 26
Interior decorator Gerd MüllerRoßmäßlerstr. 5
Bookshop FindusSchillerstrasse 1
Railway attendant's cottagePienner Str. 11
Dome Hall TharandtPienner Str. 13
Mensa TellerRandtPienner Str. 15
Foyer Judeich BuildingPienner Str. 17

Information on selected film clips:

"750 Years of Tharandt"Private film of the Ehrenlechner family
Carnival procession 1958Amateur film footage
"My film diary" (Gerhard Schneider)Film images of the frozen Elbe in Dresden in winter 1929
"My Film Diary" (Gerhard Schneider)Christmas in the family circle
Private film of the Schnabel familyErich Schnabel's private black-and-white film footage shows his two older sons Gotthard and Konrad sledding in Rothermund Park in Dresden-Gruna.