1st SAVE Symposium 2021

The programme "SAVE - Safeguarding the Audiovisual Heritage in Saxony", funded by the Free State of Saxony, started in 2019. This programme supports public archives and museums as well as associations and private collections in the professional digitisation of audiovisual cultural assets and research material with Saxon relevance. The two programme partners SLUB Dresden and Filmverband Sachsen have already been able to digitise over 50,000 minutes of film, video and sound from the period 1921 to 1997 and make them accessible to the public. These include film and video documentation from the Marienberg City Archive, the Borna City Museum and the Sorbian Institute, tape recordings from the Jewish Community of Dresden, broadcast tapes from Dresden Fernsehen, historical radio broadcasts from the archive of the German Hygiene Museum and much more. On 21 January 2021, a free online specialist day entitled "Safeguarding the audiovisual heritage in Saxony - goals, process, first steps" was held for interested parties from Saxon archives, museums, city administrations, libraries and specialist institutes. The most important topics of the online symposium can be found in the following video recording of the symposium:

Programme overview




Prof. Dr. Barbara Wiermann (Head of Music Department, SLUB Dresden)

Joachim Günther (Chairman of the Board, Filmverband Sachsen e.V.)


SAVE - Safeguarding the Audiovisual Heritage in Saxony

André Eckardt (SAVE - Project Management)

  • Objectives and opportunities for participation
  • prototypical procedure and first steps

Field report of the Sorbian Institute with SAVE

Wito Böhmak, Head of the Sorbian Central Library and Sorbian Cultural Archives Department at the Sorbian Institute


Questions and answers about the programme and participation


Question round 1: Clarification of rights

  • What rights can I have to the material?
  • What rights of use do I need to participate in the SAVE programme?
  • How do I clarify rights (practical tips and important rights holders for AV media)?

Specialist in media law (RA Sven Hörnich)

André Eckardt (SAVE project management)


Question time 2: Technical procedures

  • What exactly is the material?
  • How does the digitisation take place?
  • Tips for a first indexing without own playback devices

Anna Leippe (Film and Video Conservation, Landesfilmsammlung Baden-Württemberg)

Christoph Bauer (SAVE - Digitisation and Cataloguing)


Question Time 3: Access and Use

  • Strategies for public information about own AV holdings
  • Media online - which users will still come to us?
  • How do I get researchers interested in our content?

Dr. des. Martha Stellmacher (Culture Coordination Office - NDFI4Culture, SLUB Dresden)

Dr. phil. Martin Morgenstern (SAVE - Public Relations)