SAVE Advisory Board

Advisory Board of the "Safeguarding the Audiovisual Heritage in Saxony" Programme

The advisory board was constituted at its first meeting on 9 September 2020 in the Klemperer Hall of the SLUB.

It accompanies and supports the programme coordination office at the SLUB in the implementation of the programme "Safeguarding the Audiovisual Heritage in Saxony", advises on fundamental questions of content orientation as well as structural development. The members of the broadly based committee contribute their experience, build bridges to political decision-makers and create points of contact for academic research. The exchange of experience with the permanent and non-permanent members forms the guideline for the orientation of the SAVE programme.


Permanent members(as representatives of the following institutions)

Dr. Claudia Maicher, Chairwoman of the Committee for Science, Higher Education, Media, Culture and Tourism in the Saxon State Parliament

Markus Franke, Head of the Arts Department in the Saxon State Ministry for Science, Culture and Tourism

Joachim Günther, 1st Chairman of the Board of Filmverband Sachsen e.V.

Markus Rehm, Deputy Director General of the Saxon State Library - Dresden State and University Library

Dr. Andrea Wettmann, Director of the Saxon State Archives


Non-permanent members(as representatives of expert institutions and as expert persons)

Wito Böhmak, Head of the Sorbian Central Library and Sorbian Cultural Archive Department at the Sorbian Institute

Dr. Daniel Brückl, Chairman of the VSL Association of Saxon Local Broadcasters

Dr. Erik Koenen, Junior Professor for Communication History i.V. at the University of Leipzig

Prof. Dr. Hans Wiesmeth, President of the Saxon Academy of Science

Dr Sabine Wolfram, Chairwoman of the Board of the Saxon Museum Association

Dr. Reiner Ziegler, Director of the State Film Collection of Baden-Württemberg



The work of the SAVE advisory board is based on its rules of procedure.