Terms of Use for Lockers

  1. Overgarments, umbrellas, bags, luggage, etc. must be stored in lockers for the duration of your stay the library in accordance with the library rules and regulations (§9, para. 2). It is forbidden to store chemicals or hazardous substances and objects in the lockers.
  2. The Library shall not be liable for slight negligence. The library is not liable for money, valuables, identity cards, other personal documents and items of clothing.
  3. It is not permitted to occupy more than one locker at a time. Lockers must be cleared daily, even if reoccupancy is intended for the following day.
  4. Using the lockers presupposes the knowledge that exeeding the appointed period of use entitles the administration to forcibly open and clear the locker without prior notice. Deposit money is forfeited. The period of use of the lockers is controlled weekly by the library administration.
  5. Objects removed in the event of forced removal shall be treated as lost property and taken into custody. The removed objects can be picked up at the service desk against payment of an eviction fee of 10.00 €. Food is disposed of immediately without any right to reimbursement. Uncollected lost and found items are handed over to the Lost and Found Office of the City of Dresden once a month.
  6. In the event of a malfunction of the lock mechanism, the library must be notified. Unauthorized interventions are prohibited.
  7. For the repair or replacement of locks, the loss of a key or use of a locker beyond the agreed period, a fee is to be paid in accordance with the library fees and charges.