Search and Find

Scientific work requires well-founded research. In the SLUB catalog as well as in subject databases we offer you a variety of possibilities and support you with valuable tips.

Subject databases and research portals

In addition to the SLUB catalogue, you will find other search portals, e.g. for specialist literature in databases and in other libraries, for journals and newspapers, for standards and regulations as well as for manuscripts and bequests.

Research preparation

Good preparation forms the basis for every academic paper - and this begins with your research. You can find compact instructions for your research preparation in our SLUBcasts.

In the SLUBtutorial From Topic to Full Text - Researching in Subject Databases you will also learn how to prepare an efficient search and select the appropriate research tools with the help of exercises. We also show you which search strategies are used when researching specialist literature.

Research tips

You are looking for the right literature for your academic work. And you are wondering how best to proceed with your search in the SLUB catalogue? Our catalogue offers you access to a total of about 60 million objects such as books, photos, newspapers, journals, maps, sheet music, but also databases and full text collections that you can use digitally or physically. To help you find the entries relevant to you, we have put together some tips.

Order for extensive research

In the case of detailed content-related questions on a specific topic, we will determine suitable search strategies for you, conduct searches in domestic and foreign library catalogues, in special subject databases as well as on the Internet and provide you with the desired information. Please send us your enquiry via our contact form. If possible, we will contact you within seven working days. Once the search is complete, you will receive the results by e-mail in a format of your choice or by post. We do not assume any liability for completeness and correctness.

For written information, there is a charge of 45.00 EUR per hour, with a minimum charge of 15.00 EUR. In addition, there is a processing fee of 5.00 EUR for issuing a cost notification.

Please note that we do not undertake literature compilations for theses, dissertations and the like, as the literature search is an essential part of these works and must therefore be carried out independently. Legal and medical information is also excluded.

Do you still have questions about the topic of research?

Read the FAQs on literature search, book an individual consultation appointment in the Knowledge Bar or send us an email