Submitting Mandatory Publications

Delivery of deposit copies

As the state library of the Free State of Saxony, the SLUB collects all printed matter, audio and visual media as well as electronic media published in the region and ensures their long-term archiving and availability. This means that almost the entire media production of Saxony is collected in one place and preserved as a cultural asset and research source for posterity in Saxony's public possession.

Publishers and editors in Saxony are obliged by the Saxon Law on the Press of 3 April 1992, legally amended as of 1 January 2014 (SächsPresseG), to hand over one copy each of their new publications and modified reprints to the SLUB free of charge. We have been cooperating successfully with many regional publishers for years.

Since January 2014, the collection of digital publications has also been part of the SLUB's collection mandate. We are endeavouring to gradually create the technical prerequisites for their collection and archiving. However, some publishers or editors are not aware of this obligation to hand over publications. If we come across missing publications, we contact the publishers. Should you miss publications published in Saxony in the SLUB's holdings, we would be pleased to hear from you.

Links and general information

Provision of deposit copies

Subject to the duty to deliver:

  • analogue publications (e.g. monographs, newspapers, magazines, maps, sheet music, records, cassettes, video cassettes)
  • digital publications on digital data carriers (e.g. CD, CD-ROM, DVD, Blu-ray Disc)
  • digital publications distributed in an incorporeal form on public networks (net publications).

In the case of parallel, identical editions of a publication and proven long-term electronic archiving capability, the SLUB plans to preferentially collect and archive the net publication. Currently, parallel collection is carried out whenever possible.

Publications that only serve the purposes of trade or traffic, domestic or social life, such as:

  • Forms, price lists, printed advertising matter, family advertisements
  • business, annual and administrative reports, etc.
  • Ballot papers for elections

However, the SLUB collects Saxon publications with content related to Saxony - so-called Saxonica - such as:

  • annual and administrative reports
  • budgets (final versions)
  • Statutes
  • Timetables (the largest possible summary of transport connections)
  • Auction and other product catalogues
  • Host directories and tourism brochures
  • play and concert schedules
  • scientific qualification papers

We therefore ask you to make these publications available to us free of charge, over and above the legal obligation to submit them, so that we can archive them and make their contents accessible for the Saxon Bibliography.

Please send your printed deposit copies to the following address:

SLUB Dresden
Zellescher Weg 18
01069 Dresden

You are also welcome to bring the copies in person to the service counter of the SLUB Central Library during counter opening hours. To ensure a smooth process, we advise you to bring the completed document (confirmation of receipt) with you.

General information on the mandatory submission of network publications

Currently, delivery of the following network publications is possible:

  • PDF files for free access on the internet
  • E-books for delivery to the SLUB's PC workstations - currently delivery via web form or as file attachments by e-mail.
  • E-books distributed via Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing can be delivered as PDF files or in EPUB format.
  • Official gazettes and newsletters of towns and municipalities for delivery to the PC workstations of the SLUB Dresden
  • Saxon daily newspapers published at least 5 days per week (PDF format)

We are currently working on the implementation of:

  • E-book delivery via automated processes
  • Journals, journal-like series (e.g. yearbooks) to be made available at the SLUB's PC workstations - delivery currently possible after consultation

For the delivery of your net publications, please use the web formprovided for this purpose . Beforehand, the rights holder will be asked to confirm that he/she has been informed about the legal regulation and the delivery standards of the SLUB by returning the signed declaration of consent.

Furthermore, you can decide on the possibility of further distribution of your net publications on the internet . To improve the accessibility and dissemination of your publications, you can grant the SLUB the right to open access publication. In this case, the files will be published in the Saxon document and publication server Qucosa under a stable internet address (URN) and made available. TheQucosa guidelines applyPlease also read the information on mandatory submission including Open Access.

Consent can be given for individual publications or for all net publications of a publisher. Since net publications have only been subject to mandatory submission since 2014 according to the SächsPresseG, we require a separate declaration of consent for publications before 2014.

Please send the completed and signed consent form by post or e-mail to:

SLUB Dresden
01054 Dresden

Notes on the compulsory delivery of net publications under restricted access

In accordance with Saxon Press Law §11(10), publications are only made available for use on the premises of the SLUB. Sufficient precautions have been taken against unauthorised copying, modification or distribution. Access is only possible at user workstations on the premises of the SLUB for registered users.

In principle, e-books distributed via Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing are also part of the SLUB Dresden's collection mandate if the author or publisher is resident in Saxony. The manufacturer-specific file format MOBI is unfortunately not suitable for long-term archiving according to the current assessment and can therefore not be delivered. However, self-publishers have the option of submitting a version of their e-book as a PDF or in EPUB format via our web form or as a file attachment by email.


Notes on the mandatory submission of net publications including Open Access publication

Choosing a Creative Commons licence

By publishing openly on the publication server, you make your publication(s) available on the internet. The authors continue to retain the rights to their work. The SLUB is only granted a one-time and irrevocable publication right on the Saxon Document and Publication Server. The provision of publication(s) takes place in accordance with the Copyright Act, so that the use of the publication(s) must generally be agreed with the rights holder.

However, the use of the publications can also be determined by granting Creative Commons licences. Through the specific licence terms, users can inform themselves whether and how a publication may be used. However, a Creative Commons licence can only be granted if the consent of all contributors to the image(s) and text(s) of the publication(s) is obtained. Exception: the contributors have transferred the necessary rights of use to the publishing person/institution.

Creative Commons licences under which you can publish the publication(s) on the Saxon Document and Publication Server are listed below. Enter the desired bold coded designation in the declaration of consent under option 2.

Compulsory delivery of net publications to the German National Library

By means of a fully automated process (harvesting), various document types are transferred from Qucosa to the German National Library. This means that in many cases it is already possible to comply with the obligation to submit to the German National Library at the same time as submitting your net publications to the SLUB. We will be happy to provide you with further information.