Sage Journals

SLUB Dresden concluded a publish & read agreement with SAGE Publishing as part of the BSB consortium.


Fully OA Journals

Hybrid Journals


Corresponding author: TU Dresden member; acceptance date during the contract period

Contract Period

1/1/2024 - 31/12/2025

Eligible Journals

 approx. 200 gold OA journalsPlease contact, when you want to know, whether your preferred journal is included.

Eligible Article Types


Original Research Papers, Review Papers, Brief Communications, Short Reports und Case Reports

Not eligible are, for example, errata, book reviews, editorials

Eligible Licences


CC-BY (recommended)


20 % discount

Application for cost coverage is possible.

Full coverage of the article processing charge (APC).

It is not possible to cover the costs of additional publication charges, page charges or similar. Here you will find a list of journals with extra charges (will be updated) see

Special Requirements for the Submission


Automatical identification of affiliation via e-mail address or information provided by the author (Ringgold-ID).
Retroactive Open Access Option-possible, but may involve additional costs which are not covered by us