Whether wood, acrylic or cardboard - with our laser cutter you can cut, mark or engrave a wide variety of materials. Particularly precise and detailed results are possible. All you need is material for laser cutting and a file with the job to be lasered.

I would like to... the laser cutter

Users without an equipment licence Please provide us with the following information via the contact form:

  • User number and name
  • Date and time (available dates can be found in the laser cutter calendar Epilog Fusion M2 40 - "Edgar" )
  • Material to be processed (material, thickness)
  • Quantity
  • File (*.pdf format)

As soon as we have received your request, we will enter your booking in the equipment calendar. You will then receive a confirmation email. Requests will be processed Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 16:00 (excluding public holidays), provided they contain all the necessary information.

For students with submission models: For appointment requests without attached files, the laser cutter will be reserved for a maximum of twice 1.5 hours per week. Please indicate in the appointment request whether it is a delivery model.

Users with a device licence They can independently reserve the Epilog Fusion 40 - "George" laser cutter via the device calendar up to at least 1 day before the start time, per day for two hours, for a maximum of four hours per week and up to 14 calendar days in advance. NEW: from 01.04.2023, you will also be able to reserve the Epilog Fusion M2 40 - "Edgar" laser c utter independently via the device calendar up to at least 1 day before the start time for a maximum of two hours on Wednesdays and up to 14 calendar days in advance.

In the course of the system changeover, not all users with an equipment licence have yet been activated for independent booking. If you are affected, please log into the booking system with your user number and password and send us an e-mail. We will activate your account as soon as possible.

Have you purchased your equipment licence for the Epilog Legend 36EXT - "Charly" laser cutter before August 2019? In this case you need an upgrade so that we can unlock you for our new equipment.

...inform me about the costs

You can find all information about the costs on the Fees Makerspace page.

...obtain the laser cutter equipment licence.

You will learn all the basics in the e-tutorial. Once you have passed the knowledge test, you will be activated for the on-site training in the Makerspace. You can find the relevant dates in our calendar of events.

...prepare my booked appointment

Please bring the following with you to the appointment:

  • Your valid SLUBcard
  • material for laser cutting
  • each job to be lasered in a separate file in *.pdf format
  • a valid health and safety briefing (exception: if you have booked a supervised appointment, you do not need a health and safety briefing)

You can find a list of materials that you can cut and engrave with the laser cutter in our e-tutorial.

How the file should be prepared for the laser cutter is summarised in this image. Our e-tutorial gives you step-by-step instructions.


...get advice

Do you need help with your project? Then book an appointment at our knowledge bar. Our experts will be available to talk to you personally for about 30 minutes about your specific project. There are no costs for you.