Ernst Hassebrauk (1905-1974)

Unknown photographer: Painting. Ernst Hassebrauk with palette, brush and painting stick (SLUB Mscr.Dresd.App.2534,216(2)).


Painter and graphic artist, born on 28 June 1905 in Dresden, died on 30 August 1974 in Dresden.

With his colourful paintings Ernst Hassebrauk succeeded in transporting the fullness of life of baroque painting and the subtlety of the rococo into the painting of the 20th century.

The estate was given to the Saxon State Library by Charlotte Hassebrauk as a gift in 1989. It comprises 4,603 numbers in 29 capsules and is supplemented by the estate of the artist's widow, which comprises a further 537 numbers in 5 capsules under the shelfmark Mscr.Dresd.App.2534.a.

Signature: Mscr.Dresd.App.2534

Special catalogue of the Ernst Hassebrauk estate