Dresden Treasures. The Special Collections of the Saxon State and University

2003: With this exhibition the Dresden Library would like to present a small selection of the treasures from its special collections. The collections of manuscripts, music and maps were among the oldest departments of the former Royal Public Library. They were supplemented over the past 100 years by the individual sections of the Rara Collection, which gathers together incunabula (early books), first editions or valuable prints from the general library stock to better protect them from the wear and tear of habitual use. After the Second World War, children's and artists' books were also organized as separate collections. The Stenography Collection and the Deutsche Fotothek were integrated into the library during the second half of the last century.

The SLUB thus possesses a broad spectrum of special collections.
Following up the first exhibition of Dresden treasures in the Library of Congress in 1996, the exhibition in Miami again seeks to open eyes for the diversity of media held by an historically renowned German library.

Article in the SLUB-Kurier 17 (2003) H. 2, pp. 10-12 (digital edition: https://nbn-resolving.org/urn:nbn:de:bsz:14-qucosa-65927)