The Saxon State Library - Dresden State and University Library (SLUB) sees itself as a place of research and, within the framework of its scholarship programme, actively supports scholars who deal with topics from the SLUB's academic collections. For many years, the SLUB has been committed to consistently transferring the cultural heritage it preserves into the digital space and in this context supports classical source work as well as research using digital methods.

The SLUB has extensive collections in the areas of Saxon regional studies, maps and culinary arts, music and AV heritage, as well as photography, which offer a broad spectrum of content for new questions and research approaches, for innovative methods of indexing and presentation.

In addition to concrete research funding, the scholarship programme is intended to promote the national and international networking of the SLUB and deepen cooperation with other research institutions.

Within the eight-year programme, the SLUB is offering several scholarships for the first time in 2023, with which it invites scholars to work more intensively with the rich source materials and data collections of the SLUB.

The scholarship covers a period of six to a maximum of 18 months and can be taken up between 1 September and 1 December 2023. It amounts to 1,500 EUR per month as a living allowance. In addition, a one-time travel allowance of max. 500 EUR is granted, depending on the period.

Current tenders