Events, courses and workshops

Sharing knowledge, learning from each other and trying out new things together - that's what the SLUB Makerspace is all about. At our courses and workshops you will get to know all the equipment and tools and meet other Maker:ins and curious people. You will learn more about current projects from the SLUB Makerspace as well as the Makerscene and have the opportunity to organize events yourself.

The topics of our courses, workshops and events range from architecture and construction to education and sustainability to materials and manufacturing. Feel free to visit us - or bring your own events to us!

The events at the SLUB Makerspace are open to everyone. If there are participation requirements for individual offerings, you will find these in the respective announcement. You can find a general overview in the events calendar. You can also register for events there. Read more about our event formats here and find out how you can get involved yourself.

Our regular offers

Equipment licences

Our device driving licences are courses in which you learn everything important about operating the devices in the SLUB Makerspace. The device licence enables you to use the respective device independently and safely. It also enables you to expand your knowledge independently and freely implement your projects. You can find the courses online as e-tutorials and offline. Offline courses take place regularly, usually once a week. You can register for them via our event calendar.

Basics of photography

You want or need to document your study or research project, but have neither the appropriate equipment nor the knowledge to create successful photos? In this basic course you will learn everything about the exposure parameters and their influence on the image effect. At the same time, you will get to know the camera equipment of the SLUB Makerspace and its terms of use. This course takes place regularly. You can find new dates and register via our event calendar.

SLUB Makerspace MeetUp!

The SLUB Makerspace MeetUp! brings together different users of the SLUB Makerspace and the SLUB. We talk together about new technology and its possible uses. Everyone is welcome, participation is possible without prior knowledge.

Perhaps you would like to present an exciting project from your research, studies or hobby to an interested audience? Feel free to contact us if you have an idea! The SLUB Makerspace team looks forward to receiving your email.


Whether it's a television, a sewing machine or a hoover: repairing defective everyday objects yourself is not always easy - but it's always more sustainable than buying new ones. Repair cafés offer help for self-help. Since May 2022, repair cafés have been held once a month by the TU Green Office and the RepairCafé Dresden/Freital initiative in the SLUB Makerspace. Here you can get free advice, learn under expert guidance, repair what you love and get into conversation with like-minded people.

Courses and workshops on changing topics

At varying intervals, the SLUB Makerspace offers you workshops in which projects are implemented with the equipment in the Makerspace. Here, for example, you will learn about new materials for various manufacturing processes or deal with questions of sustainability in production - and these are just a few examples. In addition, courses, workshops and other events are also held time and again as part of current exhibitions- it's worth dropping by!

Your event in the SLUB Makerspace

You would like to present your project at a MeetUp!, organise an exhibition, use the Makerspace for your teaching events or bring in another event idea of your own? The SLUB Makerspace is available to you as a participatory stage.

Simply contact us by email at - we look forward to hearing from you!