Data Management Plans for Grant Proposals

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offered in cooperation with the Graduate Academy (TU Dresden)

Data is an essential part of research and therefore invaluable to researchers. Whether small sample or "Big Data", research data should be managed thoughtfully and systematically. Systematic research data management provides support for daily research practice and, in the context of good scientific practice, is a prerequisite for the reproducibility of scientific research and the re-use of data.  

An effective approach to ensure the structured handling of data is the creation of a data management plan (DMP). In addition, almost all major funding agencies (DFG, EU, BMBF) require a DMP or a statement on the handling of research data in research proposals or as a deliverable during the project phase. 

This talk is primarily aimed at researchers who are planning a research proposal in a collaborative project. We will first introduce the concept of a DMP, the requirements of the funding institutions and what a DMP should contain. We will discuss which points should be agreed in advance with the collaborators in a research project and what needs to be considered when writing DMPs.  

Registration via the  Graduate Academy or via the  Service Center Research Data

This event is part of a training series on research data management organized by the Service Center Research Data in cooperation with the Graduate Academy. Further events can be found on the websites of the Graduate Academy and the Service Center Research Data.

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