Take a closer look on: Classic Persian Texts and Contemporaneity

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While the question of individual’s right has been the unconscious/conscious urge demanded by the people through history, Persian classic texts surprisingly reflect an experimental line of actualization towards a deconstructive mode of thinking by introducing mediatory concepts like rationality, love, and sovereign self. In one of the oldest Persian manuscripts existing in the SLUB the philosopher Ghazali reflects the initial adventure towards a grand transitory process by his Mystic rationalism (Tasawwuf / Islamic Sufism) that decolonially idealized/enlightened the historically accepted religious principles and focused on ethics instead of the traditional culture of responsibility. The reformative process is then discussed to continue systematically/argumentatively towards Subjectivity leading to other mystic texts like those of Attar’s, Sanai’s, Jaami’s and Nizami’s Mystic Poems that finally culminated to Rumi’s masterpiece Mathnawi that introduced the reality of Self to the Persian literary and social history.

Following the lecture some original manuscripts will be shown.

Speaker: Prof. Bahee Hadaegh, born in Shiraz/Iran is presently working as Associate Professor at department of English Literature, Shiraz State University, and its International Campus, Shiraz, Iran.  The past weeks she stayed at SLUB as a guest researcher.

VeranstaltungsortZentralbibliothek, Zellescher Weg 18, Talleyrand-Zimmer