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Writing and Publishing Research - Part 2

Fr, 19.05.2017 10:00 Uhr - 17:00 Uhr, TU Dresden, Graduiertenakademie der TU Dresden

The overall aim of this workshop is to help doctoral candidates to gain practice and confidence in their own writing on whichever level they may be, but most importantly to motivate them to start or to keep writing, whatever the odds are.

The workshop addresses PhD students in their first years and covers essentially the following four areas:

1. Scientific writing and language skills

2. Structure and content of a publication

3. The process of publication

4. Organization and motivation

Registration: The workshop of Graduiertenakademie is for members only.

Workshop will be held in English.

Kategorie: Wissenschaftliches Schreiben und Zitieren , Schreiben , Workshop , Promovierende , Wiss. Fachartikel , Doktorarbeit