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Train your brain: effective strategies for your learning success (engl.)

TextLab Schreiben Online-Seminar
Mi, 16.09.2020 09:00 Uhr - 11:00 Uhr, Online / Telefon, Schreibzentrum an der TU Dresden

No matter if you have just started your bachelor’s degree or are in your master‘s program: you have already gained a lot of experience in studying. Up until today, you have developed and established your own learning techniques. Yet, have you ever questioned whether these techniques are actually useful for you? In these days, due to online classes you might be confronted with your learning habits more than ever. In this online-workshop we will show you different learning techniques and strategies, which will help you to study efficiently and effectively at home. We will also focus on how to stay motivated especially during these special times of attending online classes at home. Using the strategies of this online-workshop (e.g concept-mapping, self-questioning etc.), you will be able to manage the next exam season less stressed.

Technical requirements: microphone, camera, stable internet connection (the use of a chrome-based browser is recommended)
You can register for this offer via OPAL. The access link to the video conference tool (BigBlueButton) will be sent to all participants registered via OPAL before the start of the online-workshop.

Ort Online / Telefon

Ihr Wissensbartermin findet entweder per Telefon oder per Videokonferenz, etwa via Skype oder DFNConf, statt. Die Expertin / der Experte informiert Sie im Anschluss an Ihre Buchung über die genauen Rahmenbedingen bzw. Einwahldaten. Geben Sie gerne in der Nachricht zur Buchung einen bevorzugten Kommunikationskanal an.