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IFLA 2017 News Media Satellite Conference

Relying on News Media. Long Term Preservation and Perspectives for Our Collective Memoryto top

16-18 August 2017

SLUB Dresden

Sächsische Landesbibliothek – Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Dresden, Zellescher Weg 18, 01069 Dresden


IFLA News Media Section

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Theme & sub-themes

News media are agents in and witnesses of the rapid social and political change of our times. Libraries also play twofold roles: they store physical and electronic media for eternity and, on the other hand, in the field of digital or digitized media, they act as gatekeepers, curators and designers of user platforms and modes of access for future users. The conference will give attention to both aspects, archiving news media and making them usable.

When we store news media in our archives we store them for eternity or for the lifetime of libraries – whichever comes first. But what is the most reliable way of storing? And is there a best practice that works in all cases? How many different media and copies are sufficient for eternity? And what are our users’ expectations – do we have to make our current media environment completely reconstructable for future research? How to set priorities and organize the division of work among institutions?

The conference will consider various use cases of digitization, digital news archives and communication research in this field. Looking at best practice examples can help libraries finding ways to serve the expectations and demands of news media users.

Proposals should address the main theme and related topics, including but not limited to:

  • Long term preservation of news media
  • Latest initiatives and technologies in news (e-)preservation and access
  • Completeness and loss in archiving news media
  • Text mining news media and news content
  • Issues of e-legal deposit: online news and newspapers
  • Services built on born digital and digitized news collections
  • Case studies in the digitization of cultural heritage – news media as part of the collective memory
  • Historical Research being done on the basis of digital news collections
  • Users’ experiences with born digital and digitized news collections - usability expectations
  • Infrastructural funding of digitization and long term preservation - inter-organizational co-operation for our cultural memory

Other proposals relevant to the main conference theme will also be considered.

Submission Guidelines
  • Proposal abstracts should be submitted as an MS Word file
  • Proposal abstracts must be submitted by 15 March 2017, must be in English or German, and should clearly include:
    • Title of proposed paper
    • Abstract of proposed paper (no more than 300 words)
    • Name(s) of presenter(s) plus position and/or title
    • Employer / affiliated institution
    • Contact information including e-mail address and telephone number
    • Short biographical statement(s) of presenter(s)
Proposal abstracts should be submitted to all conference committee members
  • Manuela Queitsch (Manuela.Queitsch@slub-dresden.de)
  • Pär Nilsson (par.nilsson@kb.se)
  • Ulrich Hagenah (hagenah@sub1-hh.sub.uni-hamburg.de)
  • Yves Maurer (yves.maurer@bnl.etat.lu)
  • Niels Bønding (nieb@statsbiblioteket.dk)

Selected presenters will be notified by 24 March 2017. To discuss any matter relating to this Call for Papers, please contact the conference committee members listed above.

Accepted papers
  • Complete accepted papers should be 3000-6000 words in length and be an original submission not published elsewhere.
  • Complete accepted papers and accompanying presentation slides must be submitted by 30 june 2017.
  • Final papers should be written in English or German.
  • Please note that the conference will be conducted in English.
  • The papers will be made available on the Conference Website and the News Media Section Website under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.
  • Approximately 20 minutes will be allowed for the presentation of the paper.


Registration information will be posted on the conference website.

Dates 2017

  • 15 March: Proposal abstracts due
  • 24 March: Acceptance notices sent to authors
  • 30 June: Completed papers and presentations submitted
  • 16-17 August: Conference
  • 18 August: "Social Event: Saxon Flair and baroque places: Dresden, Meissen, Moritzburg"
Please note

The Programme Committee regrets that it has no funding to assist prospective authors and the submission of an abstract must be on the understanding that the costs of attending the conference including registration, travel, accommodation and other expenses, are the responsibility of the presenters of the accepted papers, or their institutions. No financial support can be provided by IFLA, but a special invitation can be issued to authors.

IFLA 2017 News Media Satellite Conference

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