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Current information and SLUB-services in times of corona

Due to the Corona crisis, the SLUB has had to close its doors and go into emergency operations. We are, however, still there for you. Our staff are diligently working from home and supporting you behind the scenes.

Closed but open: contact us!

For any further questions or advice do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form or via our SLUBchat.

Our services

  • All our digital services are available as usual. In addition to electronic publications, numerous databases are accessible to all SLUB users worldwide.

  • Extended range of electronic resources: In order to facilitate your research in times of Corona, some publishers and database providers have extended access to their offers. You can find an overview here. Our digital collections such as or Saxorum also offer research opportunities.

  • Advisory Services online or by telephone: Our diverse range of adisory services now take place online (e. g. via Skype (audio/video) or by telehone. You can book your appointment here.

  • Have you seen our latest SLUBtutorials yet? Check out our freely availiable e-tutorials on citation, scientific work or how to use databases. Those e-tutorials presented in OPAL are available without login.

  • During the closing time it is possible to be registered online as a library user. SLUB cards expiring during the closing time can be extended electronically. In both cases please use our contact form.

  • Our buying tip service continues as usual: We still order the desired media even if the SLUB is closed. Please us this form to contact us. If possible, we purchase the electronic version. If the medium is only available in printed or physical form, please contact us. We try to find the best solution in each individual case.

  • Until further notice, all borrowed media will automatically be renewed by the SLUB. Please do not return any media by post.

  • No new reminder and overdraft fees will be charged for the duration of the closing time.

  • Existing prebookings on borrowed media will be retained. Deployments will be available for you up to one week after resumption of operations.

  • Electronic dissertations can still be submitted during the closure. If you want to publish your university paper electronically on Qucosa, please register it using the input assistant on the Qucosa website. All formal requirements can, therefore, still be clarified in advance. Final editing will only be possible after the library has reopened.

The following services are temporarily not avaliable

  • Currently it is not possible to order, reserve, borrow or return any physical media.
  • It is not possible to reserve media during the closing time.

  • Stack orders will be suspended.

  • Our interlibrary loan service will be unavailable.

  • During the closing time all public events, training courses, workshops, guided tours or service appointments are cancelled. This also affects all room bookings within this period.

  • Unfortunately, the release of items from cloak lockers, carrel lockers or bookboxes is not possible during the closing time.