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Computer Workstations (Internet) for SLUB Users

Where are the Computer Workstations located?

In the SLUB Dresden Central Library, there are computers located in the foyer for registering as a library user and for researching in the SLUB catalogs or in the Internet. More computer workstations are located on all floors of the Central Library for library users’ research purposes.


What Can I Do at the Computer Workstations?

Our PCs are configured the same at all SLUB locations. They are based on the operating system Linux Mint, Firefox and Google Chrome are installed as browsers. It is possible to switch the language of the system and the application programs from German to English. This is done via the language selection in the logon screen. Zotero is also pre-installed. Offers of the SLUB, for example our catalogues, our Internet pages, the overview of our specialized databases, electronic journals and pages of other providers are available to you after authentication with user number and password. 

You can send your research results via e-mail, have them printed at one of the printers provided, or save your data to a USB drive (port located on the keyboard).

We also provide an FTP software called FileZilla, which enables you to upload and download your files to an FTP server of your choice.

Many computer workstations also have LibreOffice software for editing, working with spreadsheets, and creating presentations.

It is also possible to use headphones at all of our computers (with mini headphone jack). 

Please note: after 10 minutes of inactivity, the user will receive a warning before being automatically logged out and all files from that session, including downloads, forms, history and passwords, will be erased.

Use Your Own Laptop and the SLUB Wireless LAN!

The SLUB Dresden provides a Wireless Local Area Network (LAN) for library users in all public access areas of the Central Library, at the Departmental Library DrePunct and other SLUB library locations. Dresden University of Technology (TUD) terms and conditions apply.

To learn how to configure your laptop for this service, please see our SLUBcast (instructional video, in German): How do I connect to the SLUB Wireless LAN? We also provide details on setting up your connection to a wireless access point.

It is possible to borrow a Wireless LAN adapter (USB or PCMCIA) or a lock for your laptop computer (Kensington) at the Information Desk 2 in the SLUB Central Library or at the information desk in the Departmental Library DrePunct.