Install the SLUB WiFi profile on your mobile device and enter your user number and password during installation.

Installing the WiFi profile:

  1. Please download the profile via the Safari browser.
  2. Please select "Allow" when the profile installation dialogue appears.
  3. Then go to Settings - General - VPN and Device Management.
  4. Select "SLUB WLAN" under loaded profiles and then press "Install" twice.

Problem solving:

  • The dialogue for profile installation does not appear
  1. If the installation dialogue at step 2 does not appear, click on the downloaded profile data in the "Files" app to start the profile installation.
  • Connection problems
  1. Under "Settings" > "Wi-Fi", deactivate the option "Auto-Join" for the network "SLUB".
  2. Deactivate the "Wi-Fi" under "Settings" and activate it again.
  3. Tap on the network "SLUB" to connect.

Please note that you need an active internet connection to download the WiFi profile SLUB-WLAN.