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Assigning a Password and PIN

Password for Your User Account

In order to use our electronic services and to log into your account on the SLUB Website (My Account), you will need to have your user ID number at hand.

The first time you log into My Account, you will use your date of birth for your password (format DDMMYYYY). Please change this password immediately after successfully logging in.

My Account

("Benutzernummer" = your user ID number)

("Kennwort" = password = date of birth DDMMYYYY)


Changing Your Password

("Kennwort": Enter your date of birth DDMMYYYY) 

Assign a new password for your account and confirm the new password by entering it again in the second field ("Kennwort bestätigen"), then press the button to accept this change ("Akzeptieren"). Your password can be a combination of letters and numbers. Please refrain from using special characters.

PIN for the Self-Service Checkout Machines

In order to be able to use the self-service checkout and payment machines, you will need your user ID number and a personal identification number (PIN) consisting of 4 digits.

My Account: Assigning a PIN

Enter your user ID number ("Benutzernummer") and password ("Kennwort").

Enter a 4-digit number to assign your PIN and confirm this PIN by entering the number a second time and pressing the button "Akzeptieren".