DrePunct / Makerspace Library

DrePunct Library is located diagonally across the street from the Central Library on the campus of the Dresden University of Technology.

This location primarily houses the stock of the following subjects: civil engineering, transportation sciences, electrical engineering, electronics, computer sciences, mechanical engineering, and business and economics.

The SLUB Makerspace is also located here. This is an open and creative space for people who want to realise their ideas and create Do-It-Yourself projects.

Study Spaces and Technology

For your literature studies, we offer 300 study spaces/desks for quiet and concentrated studying. 16 PC workstations and access to the campus-wide WiFi enable you to research online and use our e-resources.

Makerspace is an open workshop for practical work and is located in the DrePunct library. Equipped with 3D printers and a laser cutter, the room offers academics and students a place to share knowledge and technology and to start projects.

In addition, print items can now be scanned for free using a Bookeye 5 V3 colour overhead book scanner (up to A3 format). You can save your scanned documents to your own USB stick, send them by e-mail or transfer them to the "Scan2Mobile" app. We also have ScanTents available at all locations.

Parent-Child Room

Our parent-child room, equipped with toys, child-friendly furniture and a computer workstation, offers students with children a pleasant place to stay where mothers and fathers can retreat with their children.

A changing table with accessories is located in the disabled toilet (near the Bookeye scanner).