Open access area for music and AV media

We are redesigning for you! In the open access area for music and AV media on level -1, you can expect new user services in the course of 2024. For this reason, the previous Info Point Music/Media Library (IP4) will be permanently closed from 15 November 2023. You can borrow audiovisual media and sheet music from the open stacks as well as your magazine orders at the central service desk on level 0.

In the open access area for music and AV media on level -1, you will find playback stations for the digital media library for on-site use as well as for media on DVD, Blu-ray, CD, audio cassette and video cassette.


In the Multimedia & Language Learning CarrelC.34, you can use the following loanable or own media from Monday to Saturday via various media players:

  • DVD, Blu-ray, CD, vinyl record, cassette, VHS (video cassette)

The Makerspace M4 is located in C.25. Here you can create, edit and export video and sound recordings from Monday to Saturday.

You can reserve these carrels (Central Library, level -1) for yourself via our booking system. You can obtain the access card for the carrels at the central service desk on level 0.


There is an electric piano in the open-air area of the music department that can be used at any time. Headphones are already attached to the instrument. The electric piano is freely accessible during SLUB opening hours and does not need to be booked.


At the request of TU Dresden teaching staff, the media library sets up audiovisual semester equipment. Registered seminar participants can watch the films compiled for the respective seminar at the workstations in the open access area for music and AV media.

Record and video digitisation

You can use a record player and a VHS device at workstation M3 in the open access music and AV media area for personal digitisation.

An instruction manual will make it easier for you to digitise and burn them yourself.

Bring your own blank CDs/USB stick. It is permitted to digitise both LPs and VHS tapes from private collections. This service is free of charge.

How to reach us

Contact person: André Eckardt

Phone: +49 351 4677-499