Dresden Digitization Center (DDZ)

Dresden Digitization Center (DDZ) at SLUB Dresden is one of Germany's leading centers of mass digitization in the public sector. Valuable materials are carefully digitized with the greatest care.

With various partners, the DDZ is working on numerous third party projects in the field of retrospective digitization. It is instrumental in the development of robot technologies and open source software solutions. In addition, it provides advice and support facilities in the Free State of Saxony and other regions in the implementation of digitization and development projects. The DDZ is also responsible for the coordination of the Saxon and German contributions to the European Digital Library.

Digital Collections

About 140.000 manuscripts, prints, and sheet music, including works of great cultural and historical value such as the Dresden Maya manuscript or the illuminated manuscript of the Sachsenspiegel.

Image Database of Deutsche Fotothek

The database features over 1.6 million pictures, especially historical photographs, but also more than 25,000 maps and views and 107,000 architectural drawings.

Digital Media Library

The library of digital assets comprises about 46,000 video clips, including the documentation of Dresden Frauenkirche, and an ever-increasing number of digitized films and gramophone records.