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Digitization on Demand

eBooks on Demand (EOD) is a a pay-as-you-go online service for ordering digital copies (scans) of printed media. Currently, this service is only available for books, but in the future, other types of media published between 1500 and 1900 will also be available. Each eBook is created as a PDF file with a sophisticated optical character recognition (OCR) function for accurate full-text searches, including searches in foreign languages or Gothic type texts.

In addition to the digital file, you can also request a bound reprint of the digitized book, complete with a special cover and an ISBN number.

The EOD service was started within the framework of the project "Digitisation on Demand," which was funded in part by the European Union. Since its inception, more and more libraries have begun participating in the eBooks on Demand (EOD) network. The SLUB Dresden has been participating in this network since the summer of 2008, and has been a partner in the European-wide ongoing effort to create a European Library Network (in German). For more information about the eBooks on Demand project, see:, Facebookand Twitter.

How Do I Order an eBook or a Reprint at the SLUB?

First, find the book title in the SLUB online catalog. If digitization is available for that item, this eBook text will appear under the detailed information. Use the order form to request digitization and/or reprint option.

When Do I Receive My eBook or Reprint?

When digitization has been completed, you will receive an e-mail requesting payment for the item. All payments must be made by credit card. Following payment, the eBook will be made available for download as a PDF file or, if requested, sent to you on DVD or CD-ROM. PDF-Datei zum Download bereitgestellt oder auf Wunsch auf DVD/CD-ROM zugeschickt. Orders are normally processed and delivered within approximately 15 business days.

Reprints, which were requested in addition to the digital copy, will be produced after receiving payment and sent to you by postal mail. Typical turn-around time for processing and delivery is 4-10 business days.

How Much Does an eBook or a Reprint Cost?

For the price of € 25.00, you receive an eBook of up to 100 pages. Each additional page costs an additional € 0.20. The charge for having the file delivered to you on CD-ROM or DVD (depending on the size of the file) is € 6.00 for delivery within Europe and € 8.00 for delivery to other countries.

A base price of € 6.00 is charged for each reprint, plus € 0.02 per page. Shipping is free within Germany, as well as to Great Britain, Liechtenstein, Austria and Switzerland. Shipping to other European countries costs € 6.00, and € 14.00 to non-European countries.

If you do not see the eBook symbol next to your title in the SLUB catalog, you may request digitization using this Digitization on Demand order form (in German).