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Scanning and Microformat Printing

“Bookeye” Book Scanners

In level -1 of the Central Library near the former info point 5 (periodicals) there are 1 book scanners (for coloured or black/white scans). After scanning, you can print files, save them on a USB stick and/or send the data to the copy shop (e. g. to create a CD).

In the service center of Acribit-Copyshop (level -1) there is another book scanner for colored scans and the functions described above.

The Bookeye scanners should be used for making photocopies from heavy or oversized books and bound journals (larger than DIN A3).

Microformat Printing (Reader-printer)

Do you need to read/scan and print from Microfilm and/or Microfiche? A microformat reader-printer is located in the Central Library, level -1 (in front of the ACRIBIT Copy Shop) for this purpose. A copy card is required for this service. You can also have the scanned images saved to a CD or USB drive (at the ACRIBIT Copy Shop).