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Printing Documents at the SLUB

Printing from a SLUB Computer Workstation

You can print from any of the SLUB computer workstations, by using the normal print functions for the software you are using.

  1. Click on "Drucken",
  2. select the printer "Direktdruck über ACRIBIT",
  3. enter your Copycard numner (without the dots of leading zeros),
  4. confirm by clicking on "Drucken".

Your printing jobs can be printed at any printing station within five days.

If you have a copy card, you can send your document to any one of our self-service printers.

If you don’t own a copy card, you can use your library user number to send the document to be printed. You can then pick up your printed documents in the ACRIBIT Copyshop. Documents printed at the self-service multifunctions printers cost less than the cost of having your document printed at the copy shop.

Printing from a USB drive

You can also have your own documents (Office, PDF, etc.) printed from one of the SLUB computer workstations using your USB drive.
Every SLUB computer is equipped with a USB port. Simply plug your flash drive into a USB port and call up the file(s) you want to print, using the appropriate software, and choose the print option from the software menu.