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Making Photocopies at the SLUB

Multifunction devices

B/W Mutifunctional devices

These devices are located at all levels of the Central Library. You can copy to A4 and A3, print and scan to a USB flash drive in b/w and colour.

Color Multifunctional devices

Colour copies can be made in the Central Library at level 0 on self-service shelves and at former Info-Point 3. The ACRIBIT Copyshop SLUB service center on level -1 ncludes three colour multi-functional devices, DrePunct, Branch Library of Law Forestry and Branch Library of Education.

Card-operated Copiers

Card-operated copy machines are located on every floor of the Central Library, as well as in all SLUB branch libraries, with the exception of the Branch Library of Medicine. Please note that you cannot use cash at these machines. A copy card can be obtained from the ACRIBIT Copy Shop.

Coin-operated Copiers

In the Central Library, there is a coin-operated copier located on the ground floor near the circulation desk, and in level -2 as well. In all of the SLUB branch libraries (with the exception of the Branch Library of Medicine), it is possible to make copies using coin-operated machines.