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From Paper to PDF

From 1 August 2021, scanning will be free of charge for all SLUB users.

From August, all SLUB users will be able to independently scan journals, books and microforms free of charge. For this change to be possible, the existing multifunction devices at all locations will be replaced with modern book scanners and ScanTents.

Why? This is one of many steps towards a sustainable library. Modern book scanners and ScanTents help to save paper and make researching and studying much easier. In recent years, awareness of resource-saving research and studying has risen steadily. At the same time, digitalisation has also changed academic work: studying, teaching and researching can already be done digitally in many areas. We have set ourselves the goal of supporting our users in the best possible way on this sustainable path while also taking current user needs into account.

How will it work?

From August, modern book scanners will be available for use at all SLUB locations. These scanners can be used free of charge and without registration or a copy card. Digital scans can be easily created by either an app, email or USB stick. In addition to this, there are already ScanTents at all locations that allow the convenient scanning of books and documents with one's own smartphone. With the help of any scanning app (for example, DocScan), the photos can be saved as a searchable PDF document and, if desired, forwarded to another device. A special device for digitising microfilms and microfiches is also available for use free of charge in the Central Library.

What happens to the remaining credit on the existing copy cards?

ACRIBIT GmbH will pay out any remaining credit on the copy cards that were used for the previous multifunction devices. A fee will be charged for this service. During a transitional phase of around two years, card credits can also be used at the two multifunction devices that will remain in the Central Library. Further information can be found here (German only).

What printing and copying facilities are available near the SLUB?

With the exception of the faculty-owned copier in the Fiedlerstraße/Medicine library, there will no longer be any printing and copying facilities at the SLUB from 1 August 2021. However, various copy shops will continue to offer their services in the immediate vicinity of the Central Library as well as the decentralised locations. Numerous multifunction devices are also accessible on the TU Dresden campus. Here you can find an overview of the copyshops in the immediate vicinity of SLUB.

Where will the new devices be located?

The new book scanners and ScanTents will be available at all SLUB locations. Wherever the old multifunction printers are currently located, modern book scanners will also be found later. The exact locations of all devices can also be found in the SLUB's 3D room information system from August.