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Copying, Scanning and Printing

If you would like to make copies of documents in paper or electronic form,  ACRIBIT Copy Shop offers you a wide range of copiers, book scanners and reader printers at our library locations. Support is given at the ACRIBIT-Service point in the Central Library (Level -1).

Black and white multifunction devices are located at all levels of the Central Library, while levels 0 and -1 and most locations have colour multifunction devices that allow copying, scanning, printing and direct printing.

Multifunctional devices in the central library, the DrePunct and in remote locations enable you to print documents

Scans in PDF format

In the Central Library, as well as in the DrePunct and the branch libraries law and education devices were installed which can print and scan independently of a network connection, in addition to the copying function from or to a USB stick. The scans, which are stored as a pdf file on the USB stick, are possible in color or in b / w and are more economical than prints and copies.