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Exhibitions 2020

Blooming Books – botanical treasures from the SLUB

Already in late antiquity, pharmacological-medical texts have been provided with illustrations of medicinal plants to facilitate their identification in nature. Since the introduction of letterpress printing in the mid 15th century until the 17th century more than a hundred different herbal books appeared, first with simple woodcuts, later with copperplate engravings. As a result of the European expansion in the early modern era and with the development of scientific botany, interest turned also to exotic plants and fruits, which were collected, traded, grown in gardens and depicted in magnificent engraved volumes and hand painted albums.

The SLUB holds a considerable stock of handwritten and printed illustrated plant books from the late Middle Ages to modern times. In keeping with the season, a selection of the most beautiful herbal and flower books is displayed in the treasure chamber of the SLUB.

Opening hours: monday  to friday, 10 a.m. - 5 p. m. in the SLUB treasury; exhibition until 23rd April 2020
Public guided tours: 18th march, 5 p. m., 24th march, 6 p. m.