You want to publish the results of your scientific work? Qucosa is the document and publication server of scientific libraries in the Free State of Saxony. It serves the non-commercial publication of first and second publications, the verification and archiving of digital documents and is part of the international Open Access movement.

For researchers at TU Dresden

As a member of the TU Dresden, you have access to a special area on Qucosa as an institutional repository. There you can publish articles, reports, conference papers, theses, dissertations and postdoctoral theses as first and second publications.

For external researchers and citizen scientists

Academic authors without institutional affiliation and institutions without their own repository can publish academic documents of various types and origins in the SLUB repository on Qucosa. Documents from and about the Free State of Saxony are also collected there.

For Saxon research institutions

In addition to the TU Dresden, we also offer other Saxon research institutions and universities the option of using Qucosa as a platform for their own repository. If you are interested in our hosting services, we will be happy to support you. Our services are already successfully used by the following institutions:

Specialised information services on Qucosa

specialised information service Musicologyspecialised Information Service Mobility and Transport Researchspecialised Information Service Art. Photography. Design specialised information service materials Science and Engineering

Worldwide visibility

All documents on Qucosa are searchable via the SLUB catalogue and are citable through persistent identification codes (URN, DOI). The content is also found in international search engines such as Google Scholar, Google+, BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine), DNB, OpenAIRE and WorldCat and is thus visible worldwide.

Free software for free knowledge

In the spirit of the free availability of knowledge, Qucosa uses the open source software solutions Fedora Commons as a storage base and Kitodo.Publication for the document server functions.

Feel free to contact us!

Do you have any questions or would you like an individual offer? Send us an e-mail:

Anke Wartenberg E-mail: qucosa@slub-dresden.de

Or simply book an individual consultation appointment for 30 minutes via the SLUB Wissensbar. Our staff will be happy to sit down with you!