Saxon Library Society (SäBiG)

Sharing knowledge - connecting people

The Sächsische Bibliotheksgesellschaft e.V. (SäBiG) is the friends and support society of the SLUB and supports its tasks as the Saxon State Library from a civil society perspective. With its motto "Sharing knowledge - connecting people", it initiates and promotes projects that benefit all Saxon libraries. It sees the strengthening of digital education and the support of libraries as places of democracy as particularly worthy of promotion. In doing so, it works closely with the Saxony regional association of the German Library Association (dbv) as well as the regional office for libraries at the SLUB.

SäBiG continues the work of the Society of Friends and Patrons of the Saxon State Library - State and University Library, which has been merged into SäBiG as an association. The SäBiG webpages provide detailed information about the aims, about completed and ongoing projects and invites you to become a member.