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The structure of scientific texts

Schreiben Beleg-/Hausarbeit Bachelorarbeit Diplom-/Masterarbeit Praktikumsbericht Protokoll Workshop Zielgruppe Studierende Wissenschaftliches Schreiben und Zitieren TextLab
Wed, 15/01/20 13:00 - 16:00, TU Dresden, Schreibzentrum an der TU Dresden

Scientific texts can vary significantly in their complexity.
Frequently, the preparation of new information presents itself as a difficult task.
In this workshop, I would like to introduce you to the structure of scientific texts. How can new knowledge be well structured? How can you structure a scientific text? How to achieve cohesion and coherence in a scientific text?
Once the principle has been understood, scientific texts are much easier to manage.

Location TU Dresden, Schreibzentrum, Strehlener Str. 22/24