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Internet Access via Wireless LAN

What Do I Need to Use This Service?

Library users are entitled to use the Internet via the wireless local area network (LAN) provided by the SLUB Dresden at all its locations. To use this service, library users must have a valid library card or a ZIH login from the Dresden University of Technology, and they need a laptop computer with a wireless network card or an external wireless modem. External wireless adapters are also available for users to borrow at the central information desk.

Configuring the Wireless Adapter

When you set up the new network, check the option to have the IP address and the DNS server address obtained automatically.

Setting up a Connection to a Wireless Access Point

Note: The procedures for setting up a connection to an access point can vary from laptop to laptop.

Click to connect to the unsecured network marked VPN/WEB.

After connecting to this network, start up your Internet browser software. You will be automatically transferred to the login page for the TUD wireless local area network.


Log in using your library user ID and password (this is only possible on the SLUB premises).

  • Login: [user account number]
  • Password: [your user account password]

Follow the same procedure to log in with a valid ZIH account number.

Additional Information

After sucessfully logging into the wireless network, you will see a start page specially configured for your browser software, and you can begin to use the wireless LAN.

 Note: If you have disabled pop-up windows, the window for logging out of the network will not function correctly. Please enable pop-up windows for the login pages

Logging Out

In order to securely log out of the wireless network, use the pop-up logout window, or enter the word "logout" in your browser and press the enter key.