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Special Resources for Scholars

Research Support - Specialized Information

If you are looking for specialized scholarly materials, you can use our centralized research module, as well as our databases arranged by subject.

Training Courses and E-Learning

Now you can become an 'insider' and get to know the SLUB Dresden and our services. We offer training courses to learn how to use our comprehensive interdisciplinary databases. Please consult the current schedule of courses offered.

Electronic Document Delivery for TUD!

If you are a scholarly staff member of the Dresden University of Technology (TUD), you are entitled to use the TUD Document Delivery Service and have the documents you need to carry out your research sent directly to your place of work. With this service, you can order electronic copies of articles from magazines and journals, as well as excerpts from books which are found in the SLUB collection

Electronic Publications

To help you publish the results of your scholarly research (doctoral and habilitation dissertations, research reports, proceedings, pre-prints, essays, etc.), we provide a Saxony-wide document server called Qucosa. Part of the open access movement, Qucosa is an online archive for scholarly publications, enabling researchers to network and share their research results with others.