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Services for tutors

SLUB overview - tutor coaching

With our course "SLUB at a Glance - Tutor Coaching" we offer training for tutors who would like to offer introductory courses for students at SLUB.
In these courses your knowledge about research will be refreshed and deepened. We introduce you to the SLUB's offers and services.

Your advantages:

  • Get a certificate of attendance
  • Possibility to conduct guided tours and courses independently within the SLUB 
  • Provision of a regularly updated guide for guided tours in the SLUB
  • Booking of group rooms with long-term advance reservation. Please contact us at least one month before the desired date.

You would like to use the course offer, but the dates do not fit? You would like to attend a course with several people together? Get in contact with us! 


The SLUBcast "The SLUB - Step by step" provides all the important information that students and other people need for their first visit to the SLUB.