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Services for Students

Introductory Courses

The SLUBcast "The SLUB - Step by step" provides all the important information that students and other people need for their first visit to the SLUB.

Courses and Workshops

Become a research professional with our numerous courses under the heading "Scientific Research", such as interdisciplinary or subject-specific database courses.
Keep track of your literature collection and the bibliography of your work with the help of reference management programs. In our reference management courses we present various programs.
Optimize your writing process or your Word documents with our courses on scientific writing and text processing.

You will find the current dates in our calendar of events.

E-Learning - SLUBtutorials

The SLUB offers you freely available e-tutorials in the fields of database research, citation, scientific work and maker space for self-study. You can use our SLUBtutorials anytime and anywhere without login.


If you would like to work with colleagues or fellow students in a team, if you are looking for presentation possibilities or if you need a work cubicle for the preparation of a scientific thesis, then you can fall back on group work rooms in the Central Library, in the branch libraries Educational Science, Law, Forestry and Medicine, some of which you can also reserve.

Literature Research

For your search for scientific literature you can use our SLUB catalogue as well as the subject database offered in our database information system DBIS.
If you have any questions or problems with the literature search, we will be happy to advise you in the Knowledge Bar.