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Study and Research

The SLUB as a Location for Studies and Research

With its six locations the SLUB offers perfect study and research conditions. For different working habits and tasks we provide several areas which are adapted to the respective requirements. In the Central Library you will find facilities for all kinds of working forms, from group work to quiet, highly concentrated individual work.

We welcome communication, whereas communication means exchange among people but also working with media. For this purpose we offer a strong infrastructure of rooms and technology - fully equipped Internet workstations, video projector technology, multimedia workstations, group and individual study rooms, quiet work zones, laptop-free areas and relax areas.

Help and Service

We support learning and research through professional advice regarding information organizational methods and technological aids.

Regularly courses and library tours are offered which provide basic knowledge about independent searching and citing.

Our subject librarians will readily assist you in all questions of subject related learning and researching methods - also individually by appointment.

Access to our Resources

In our buildings you have free open access to our services. Beside numerous Internet workstations a powerful WLAN is available for users of the SLUB in all public areas. So every registered user has access to the diverse electronic resources of the SLUB.

Approximately a fifth of our printed stock (appr. 1 million volumes) is shelved in open-access. These volumes are shelved by subject (according to the classification Regensburger Verbundklassifikation, RVK).

Basic literature and printed textbooks are available in the textbook collection, in which the volumes are as well shelved according to the RVK.

For scientific lectures we offer reserve collections for the period of a semester. Researchers of the University of Technology can also receive electronic copies of articles free of charge.