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Research Data

What is research data?to top

The scientific process creates a great variety of data. The data can arise from both qualitative and quantitative research, e.g. through interviews, surveys, experiments or observations. This research data can consist (in analog or digital form) of text documents, spreadsheets, logbooks, questionnaires, audio and video recordings, samples, collections, database content or protocols.

Research data is the basis for making your own research credible following good scientific practice. In addition, the obtained data are of course also interesting for potential re-use by other researchers. In doing so, new insights can be found and the recognition of the scientific work increases. The variety of formats and data types, however, complicates the standardized handling of research data and requires individual solutions and advice for proper research data management.

Our Serviceto top

The SLUB provides its users with comprehensive services via the Service team research data – a cooperation of the SLUB and partners from TU Dresden such as the Center for Information Services and High Performance Computing (ZIH).

TU Dresden regulates how to deal with primary data in the Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice (specifically §5, "Safeguarding and storing primary data"). Based on that, we advise on appropriate data and metadata formats and repositories, provide information regarding the publication of research data and assistance when creating data management plans for project proposals.

Get in contact via forschungsdaten@slub-dresden.de or arrange a personal consultation in our Wissensbar.

Find information on all aspects of research data and an overview of our services on the website of the joint Service team research data.