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What To Do If Your Account Has Been Suspended

User accounts may be suspended (deactivated) for various reasons. Account suspension can be carried out automatically or manually by our personnel. Self-service functions (i.e. at checkout and return machines) are immediately disabled upon deactivation of a user account.

You can block your account yourself, for example, if you have lost your SLUBCARD.

Possible Reasons for a Deactivated Account:

  • Unpaid fines of 30.00 € or more as well as accrued fees which remain unpaid for more than three months,
  • Infringement of the SLUB Library Regulations,
  • When media have not been returned in due time, for example, when the loan period has been exceeded by more than 12 weeks,
  • An expired SLUBCARD.

Despite the blockage, users are still able to access their user account online. However, only after the reason for the deactivation has been clarified at the circulation desk can the user utilize the self-service functions again.