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Help With Online Registration

Before registering in person at one of the SLUB locations, you can send us your personal information by using our online registration form. Click the button "request registration" and fill out all fields in the form marked with an asterisk.

You can choose how the SLUB should contact you (e-mail or postal letter). We recommend choosing e-mail notification.

Please specify your postal address (main address, local address). You will be required to show proof of residence for the address: the address you specify must coincide with the information in your ID or passport.

At the end of the form, please choose a password and click the button "weiter" to continue.

Upon verification of your information, you will be provided with a 6-digit registration ID. Please make a note of this number or print the page.

Please note: The registration ID number is important for verification of your registration information. If you forget this ID number, you will not be able to change the information you've submitted, nor to repeat the registration process, as the system will have already recorded the combination of your name and birth date.

Using your registration ID number and the password you have created, you are able to update or change your data at any time.

After filling out the online registration form, please visit one of the SLUB locations to complete the registration process in person. You must provide your registration ID and show your identification card or passport (as well as, if relevant, your student ID card) to receive a library user card.