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Information for Foreign Libraries

The SLUB Dresden also lends parts of its collections to foreign libraries or makes copies of it. If you as a library outside of Germany would like to order literature via interlibrary loan,

  • please send us your request, stating an order number and your complete delivery address via order form.
  • use IFLA Voucheras a payment method
  • please submit the vouchers directly with your shipment when sending the books back to our mailing address, or after receiving the ordered copies
  • books are generally provided for in-house use only
AreaBook Lending Copies
  • 2 IFLA Voucher/shipment
  • 0.10 €/page
  • 3.70 € shipping costs
  • 3 IFLA Voucher/shipment
  • 0.10 €/page
  • 3.70 € shipping costs