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Delivery Services

Delivery via Interlibrary Loan

We deliver media (books or copies of journal articles) from out-of-town libraries via interlibrary loan if the desired title is not available in any library in Dresden.

  • Delivery time: approx. 14 days,
  • Costs: interlibrary loan orders are free of charge until further notice.

Document Delivery Service via Subito

Subito is the delivery service of German, Austrian and Swiss libraries. Via subito you can search for and order journal articles and books. In order to do so, you have to register on the subito website.

The delivery is made directly to your desired address. Journal articles are delivered via e-mail, post or fax, books via post.

  • Processing time: 72 hours,
  • Express order: 24 hours,
  • Cost: from 5,00 € onwards.

TU Delivery Service

The TU Dresden provides an in-house document delivery service for its employees. Copies of journal articles and excerpts of books (up to 10% of the total number of pages) can be requested. In accordance with copyright regulations, no volumes or works may be copied in their entirety.

Please note that there will be a service fee of € 6.00 per document after July 1st, 2016.

Depending on your user status you will be presented with the TU Delivery Service option in the SLUB catalog only after you have logged in to your user account.