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Would you like to publish your work in an Open Access journal, but cannot find a journal that meets your requirements regarding focus on content, peer group or quality? Have you always wanted to publish an ejournal but did not know how to put it into practice technically? With Qucosa.Journals the SLUB Dresden offers you an opportunity to realize your project.


The platform facilitates the management and publishing of ejournals. Qucosa.Journals is designed to support the most important steps, i.e. editorial management, article submission, multiple steps of peer reviewing, publishing of content. A DOI, a unique persistent identifier, will be assigned to each published article.

This service aims foremost at scholars at the TU Dresden who wish to publish an Open Access journal. In general, the service is open to members of other institutions in Saxony as well. Usage of Qucosa.Journals is free of charge for the time being. Please note, that the SLUB might charge publishers for related service (i.e. assignement of ISSN or customization of the journal's web site).

The SLUB Dresden provides the platform and is technically responsible. Publishers and editorial teams are responsible for content and editorial management. This service is currently under construction. Where possible, the SLUB Dresden will support editorial teams in customizing a journal's functionalities and web interface.

Any questions or remarks? Please get in touch with us: openacces@slub-dresden.de or book an appointment via the Knowledge Bar. We are happy to help.